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Welcome to Salty Popcorn - my site dedicated to expressing my opinion on films. THIS SITE HAS NOW MOVED TO WWW.SALTYPOPCORN.COM.AU - FOR ALL THE LATEST CONTENT PLEASE HEAD THERE



August 25th 2014 00:39
: JKs Film of the Year
Howdy Peeps,

Just had to check in back at the old site and say hey

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: Salty adds books
It's been a very long time between visits on here but the new website is kicking ass, I miss this place - hope you are all doing well.

Just thought I would let you all know that Salty Popcorn has now added a further six writers to it's already big family of ten Salty Kernel Movie Critics

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New Website Turns 1

May 3rd 2014 02:14
Hope everyone is well.

We just had out first birthday on the new website - cannot believe it has flown so quickly - one year without full time writing on Orble after 5yrs

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March 7th 2014 01:29
Yesterday my day was made, got to head to the Australian premiere of POMPEII at Dendy Opera Quays.

And just a bit of JOHN SNOW aka KIT HARINGTON showing up to make a shit film enjoyable [ Click here to read more ]

Hope everyone has been well, had a great Xmas, had a great New Years and is steadily loosing all you put on over the festive silly season. I am on no red wine and absolutely nothing with sugar in it for two months, I am being destroyed doing this, it is like giving up crack (as I would imagine).

salty popcorn, giveaway, competition, inside llewyn davis

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: Movie of the Year
Mine has so far been......................

The Rocket, Movie of 2013, Film of the Year, Salty Popcorn, New Website

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Suss our Top Tens at Salty

September 20th 2013 03:19
: Lists lists lists
Hope everyone has been doing well, we are kicking on nicely over at the new site and I just wanted to say hey and totes spam you on one of the newer features of the site.

Our top 10s - a monthly Top 10 list of films from a genre - this last month we have had our top 10 comedies and most recently our top 10 sci fis

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: Come and visit the new site peeps!!
Another month on another 50 articles on the new site - we have been keeping very very busy, interviews, top 10s, abundant reviews and generally lots of fun. I hope everything has been going really well for you on Orble - make sure you pop in to the new site at WWW.SALTYPOPCORN.COM.AU and say hi., leaving orble, new websites, wordpress, film reviews, salty kernels

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The New Site One Month On

June 1st 2013 21:57
: Hope Everyone is Going Well
Howdy Orblers

Just wanted to let you know that Salty Popcorn is still alive and flourishing on the new website

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: Sad sad sad times but also new beginnings
It is with a heavy heart but slight excitement that I announce that Salty Popcorn, Sydney Table and Total Randomness are leaving Orble and taking me with them.

At close on 2000 articles and 5000 or so comments I have had enough of the lack of care on the network of Orble. I mean - we, the writers, are all that appear to be on Orble - there has not been a member of Admin present for months. No one has been replied to, no news has been provided, readerships and comments and hits have steadily declined when all the while prior they skyrocketed - it is my belief we lost a server but, oh well, no one to fix it

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